MailDeck 2.0 Adds iPhone Support and More!

MailDeck is constantly being updated with new features and improvements based on the feedback we receive from users. And
today, the MailDeck 2.0 release has added something that has been highly requested, iPhone support.

The new release for iPhone contains all of the same features you?ve come to love in the iPad version, plus a few more for your enjoyment.

The new update also includes archiving support and Oauth for Gmail users. With the addition of archiving, you now have the option of deleting an email or just archiving it for viewing at a later time. The addition of Oauth for Gmail will help resolve issues with connecting to Gmail accounts and will also provide an extra layer of security as we connect to your account with a token, instead of using your email password.

In addition to the main enhancements above, the update also includes several other features requested by users, including an option to turn off sounds and improved account setup. As is the case with every update we release, we?ve improved the performance of MailDeck and optimized the app for a smooth and unbeatable experience for all of your Apple devices.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get a copy of your own now on the App Store!

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