The Blurred Workday

The widespread availability of smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers has extended the workday beyond the traditional 9-to-5, blurring the line between work life and personal life. And with more than 81% of people of people checking their email on the weekends, the workweek has extended even further. Additionally, checking email while on vacation is increasing, resulting in a world where we are connected to our work 24/7/365.

Recently, I took a trip to New Mexico to witness the biggest hot-air balloon festival in the world in Albuquerque, and to visit family in nearby Rio Rancho. As a small business owner, staying connected to co-workers and customers is a must, even while on ?vacation.? However, ?vacation? is not quite what is used to be as a recent survey indicated that 59% of people check their work email while on vacation. So how did I manage to check my work email while not taking away from my vacation?

Fortunately for me, my business created an email application for iPhone and iPad that helped me stay on top of my email. Fortunately for you, you don?t have to create an email app to manage your email as our app, MailDeck, is available for free on the App Store. When we created the app, our focus was on making email more efficient, which translates to less time spent managing your inbox so you can do the things you enjoy. The way we accomplished this is by providing you with all the information you need, when you need it with our ?Conversation? feature. It provides you with all contacts, previous messages, attachments and tasks all in one screen. So between snapping photos at the festival, I could read incoming email, reference prior emails, and reply to emails with the proper attachments and information within seconds. No time spent looking for prior communication, no time spent finding files hidden in non-related messages, and minimal time crafting a thoughtful response as all the relevant information was available at my fingertips.

Like many, managing my email is a requirement, but becoming a slave to it is not. While I will always be included in the group of people who checks their email outside of the traditional workday, and while on vacation, I refuse to let my email take me away from the things I enjoy.

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