MailDeck for iOS 8 – Now with Touch ID, Sharing Extension, and a Today Widget

While we had MailDeck 2.5 with iOS 8 enhancements ready several weeks ago, the App Store approval process had a few hiccups that prevented us from getting it out to all of you.

Today, however, we are happy to announce that MailDeck 2.5 is finally available in the App Store and we are extremely excited to bring you some new iOS 8 features with it.

Touch ID

The first feature is Touch ID. Now you can use your thumbprint to protect and access your email instead of a passcode.

To set up Touch ID simply set a password on your user and, if your device supports Touch ID, you will see the following prompt:


Sharing Extension

Next we added a brand new sharing extension. Now you can present the MailDeck compose sheet from any app that has sharing options. No more switching back and forth between apps to send a simple email.

To set up the MailDeck sharing extension simply tap “More” once you attempt to share something and enable the switch in the Activities list.


Today Widget

Last we added a Today Widget. Want to quickly check how may unread messages and upcoming tasks each user has? Simply slide down the notification center to get a quick preview of your inbox. Tap the today widget to quickly launch MailDeck.

We have several more features and enhancements in the works, so stay tuned for what we will be adding next. As always we love your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] with your suggestions and comments.



2 thoughts on “MailDeck for iOS 8 – Now with Touch ID, Sharing Extension, and a Today Widget

  1. Eric says:

    Question: Do tasks created in Maildeck sync up automatically with Outlook Exchange Tasks, and vice versa?

    • Hey Eric,
      No tasks do not sync with Outlook. They do however integrate with Apple reminders to sync across all of your devices.

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