Why MailDeck?

A question I’m often asked when I tell people I make an email app is, “what does it do?”  I don’t like this question for one reason, and that’s because the simple answer is “a lot”. Now, of course I tell them that it has better security, attachments, search, and conversations, however that doesn’t do MailDeck justice. So here is what MailDeck currently offers.


Sorting – MailDeck automatically sorts Receipts, Flight Confirmations, Promotions and Social emails and puts them in virtual folders. These messages won’t be removed from your inbox, but if you need that flight confirmation you can quickly find it in the “Flight Confirmations” folder . 


Unified Folders – While most apps give you some sort of unified Inbox, MailDeck takes it a step further and gives you unified Inbox, Sent, Trash, Spam, and Drafts.


Encryption – MailDeck uses it’s own encryption layer to compliment your device encryption. Your messages and attachments are all encrypted before being written to disk. MailDeck even has anti-tampering measures in place should someone try and circumvent this encryption.


Search – Every email app has search. None have search like MailDeck. MailDeck allows you to apply multiple filters to search with as much information related to the message as possible. You can specify if a message has an attachment, when it was sent, what folder it’s in, who it was sent to and even more.


Contacts – MailDeck imports all of your contacts and lets you manage them directly in the app. This allows you to not only quickly send emails to your contacts but also easily view relevant information to them.


Conversations – MailDeck’s unique conversation feature allows you to view all related messages, tasks, contacts, and attachments on one single screen. You can also easily navigate these relationships as well. If you are looking at a word document, with a single tap you can see all of the related people, files, and conversation items. You won’t find a feature like this anywhere else.


Multiple View Modes – Whether you want to swipe through your email with big large previews, or have conversations stacked as cards, MailDeck has you covered. With 3 unique view modes you can finally consume your email how you want to. And yes, the standard list view exists as well.


Sort Order of Messages – This one seems like a no-brainer, yet almost no mobile email apps incorporate this functionality. MailDeck lets you sort messages by read/unread, starred, date, sender, and whether or not a message has an attachment.


Batch Editing – With batch edit you can quickly move, delete, or mark multiple messages.


Color Coding – You can choose a variety of colors within MailDeck to easily see what message corresponds to what account. Additionally MailDeck’s color coding gives you the aesthetics you want while easily letting you know what section of the app you are in.


Password Protection & Touch ID – MailDeck lets you protect your accounts with a passcode, and if you have Touch ID on your device, you can protect your mail with your fingerprint as well.


Push Notifications – Get notified on every type of account with MailDeck’s push notifications. Since MailDeck’s notification system happens outside of your device, regardless if you open MailDeck you will be notified within 5 minutes of receiving a message.


Control The Icon Badge – MailDeck will show you the number of unread messages on the app icon as well as in the side tray. If you have a lot of unread messages you can clear this number so it only shows new messages. Additionally, if you have an account that gets a lot of spam, you can choose to have it ignored on the notification and badge count.


Custom Signatures – Some apps give you signatures, but MailDeck gives you HTML signatures so you can include your corporate logo and or links to your website.


Profile Photos - MailDeck uses a proprietary system to display profile photos within the app. You will likely find that MailDeck shows a lot more photos than any other app out there. Additionally, you can manually set profile photos for your contacts.


Message Preview - Ever send an email you regretted? With MailDeck’s preview feature you can see the email exactly as the recipient will before it goes out.


Multiple Users - MailDeck allows you to set up multiple users or containers so you can share your device, or keep your work and personal mail separate. Each container has its own encryption key and can be password protected.


Attachments – Never hunt through emails looking for an attachment again. With MailDeck you can view all of your attachments by themselves and easily search and sort them as well. MailDeck will also let you attach any document you have ever sent or received to any outgoing email.


Tasks & Reminders – MailDeck allows you to quickly create a task from an email, and even add it to Apple reminders so it syncs across all of your devices. When you tap create task on an email MailDeck will try and find relevant information to auto-populate the task for you.


Background Fetch – Even when you aren’t working MailDeck is. MailDeck utilizes background fetch to occasionally wake up and get your new mail. Additionally, when MailDeck receives a push notification it will efficiently wake up and download the new mail as well.


IMAP and Exchange - A lot of apps limit you to certain email providers. MailDeck allows you to add all of your IMAP and Exchange email accounts including  Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, Outlook, Office 365,  and more.


Sharing Extension – Quickly send photos or email web links from Safari using MailDeck’s share extension. MailDeck allows you to quickly and securely compose an email from within any app.

Today Widget – 
View your unread emails and upcoming tasks and quickly launch MailDeck from your notification center. Enable the Today widget to get this functionality in iOS 8.


Customization – MailDeck not only lets you customize colors, but also gives you a variety of photo customization options, whether its your profile photo or your user tile’s background.


Folders - Easily create and manage your folders in MailDeck. MailDeck even allows you to favorite your most used folders for even easier navigation.


OAuth – Easily and securely hook up your Gmail accounts using OAuth to protect your username and password. Two factor authentication is a breeze as well.


Archiving – MailDeck supports archiving for all accounts.


Download MailDeck today and see for yourself why you are missing out.

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