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Current MailDeck Version: 3.0

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Affected Versions: All
Resolution: Update to version 3.0

Known Issues Last Updated: 1/28/2016

General Questions

Is MailDeck available on multiple devices?

MailDeck is available for the iPad (second generation and newer), iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Which versions of iOS does MailDeck support?

MailDeck is compatible with versions of iOS 7 and beyond. If you are running an earlier version of iOS, a simple update to the newest version is recommended so you can enjoy the MailDeck email app. We recommend using the most recent version of iOS with MailDeck.

What email providers work with MailDeck?

MailDeck supports all IMAP email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL,, and many more. Additionally, MailDeck supports Microsoft Exchange accounts with EWS enabled. Currently, we do not support ActiveSync Exchange accounts or POP email accounts.

What happens if MailDeck crashes?

No worries. Just restart the app and you should be up and running in no time. If for some reason the problem persists, please send us an email at feedback (at) or select the ?Feedback? shortcut in the side-bar menu within the app.

Will MailDeck be releasing more features?

The MailDeck team is committed to bringing you the best email app on the market. While we are constantly working on new features, we would love to hear your ideas on how to make MailDeck even better. Please reach out to us by using the Feedback button within the app or at feedback (at)

Does MailDeck support Push Notifications?

Yes. To enable push notifications, go to your account settings within the app, select the email account for which you would like to receive push notifications, and tap ?Account Preferences.? Here you will be able to toggle push notifications on/off.

Why don?t my push notifications display any information about the message besides the account to which it was sent to?

In order to keep your messages private from other users who may be using your device, by default we only display the account to which the email was sent to. That way your messages are never shown to unwanted individuals. If you would like to show the subject of the message in your push notifications, follow the instructions below.

Can more information be included in push notifications?

The default push notification includes how many new messages you have and the account that they were sent to. If you would like your push notifications to include the subject of the email, you can enable this option in ?Account Preferences.?

Can I choose the sound for push notifications?

Yes. In ?Account Preferences,? you can select a sound for your push notifications.

Why am I receiving an error message that I have an invalid username or password?

If you are receiving this message, it could be that you have too many connections hitting the email provider?s servers. Most email providers only allow a certain number of connections from an account at any given time. Therefore, if your email account is connected on several apps, you may have exceeded the number of allowable connections.

Can I setup an alias with MailDeck?

Yes. To setup an alias for an account, first, you must setup the alias with your email provider via webmail. Then, go into your account settings for the account that you would like to add the alias to and select ?Account Aliases.? Add a display name and the email alias, and you can now send messages from that email address.

I just downloaded MailDeck and my inbox was not populated with all of my emails. Why aren?t all of my emails downloaded?

Upon initial sync, MailDeck will sync the most recent month (28 days) worth of emails for IMAP, and the most recent 3 weeks of emails for an Exchange account. If the account has less than 200 messages, MailDeck will sync all of the messages.

How do I manage my subscription?

Please visit this link to find out how to manage your subscription.


How do I setup an email account?

After logging into your User account, click on the icon in the top left of the screen to open the side tray. Then tap the settings wheel for iPad (to right of the side tray icon), or tap on the ?Settings? option from the main menu for iPhone, and select ?Add Account.? You will then be prompted to enter your account credentials and MailDeck will begin syncing your email.

How do I setup an Exchange account?

After entering your account credentials, you will be prompted to enter your server settings. In the ‘Account Type’ field, select the Exchange box and enter your Exchange username and server URL. After MailDeck has successfully connected to your account, you will be prompted to purchase the in-app upgrade to begin using your Exchange account. In addition to unlocking Exchange functionality, the upgrade will remove ads and enable unlimited custom signatures.

My Exchange account won?t connect, what should I do?

If you are experiencing trouble connecting to your exchange account, you can visit and run the Exchange Web Services test to ensure that your account is EWS enabled. After the test is completed, the results will tell you if your account has EWS enabled and what your Exchange server address is.

How do I setup custom signatures in my emails?

If you would like to add custom signatures, you may purchase one of the upgrade options to remove ads, set up your Exchange accounts, and enable unlimited custom signatures. To purchase the upgrade, go into ?Settings? and click on ?Upgrade,? or when composing an email, click on the default email signature to reveal a purchase sheet.

How do I attach an image in my signature?

MailDeck allows you to include images in your signature so you can add a company logo, headshot, or other image on outgoing messages. In order to setup and format an image, include the following HTML text in your signature:


<img src=”“>

Width and Height constraints:

<img src=”” width=”200″ height=”300″>

URL + Width and Height Contraints:

<a href=”“><img src=”” width=”200″ height=”300″></a>

To add a second line in your signature, simply add <br> wherever you would like the line break.

How do I delete an email account?

To delete an email account, go to your account settings and select ?Account Credentials? for the account you wish to delete. Then simply tap the “Delete Account” button at the bottom of the screen.

What happens when I delete an email account from MailDeck?

When an account is deleted from MailDeck, the account is simply removed from the app. Nothing happens to the account outside of the app, therefore you will not see any changes to your account when accessing it via webmail or other email apps.


How do I change account settings and preferences?

From the side tray, tap on the settings gears for iPad, or the ?Settings? option in the main menu for iPhone, to access your settings and preferences. Account settings such as your email credentials (username and password), name on outgoing messages, account nicknames, the color associated with the account, and server information are available in the ?Account Credentials? section. General account preferences, custom signature setup, email sorting preferences, and push notification settings are available within the ?Account Preferences? section. Folder creation and folder mapping settings are accessible in the ?Folders? section. And lastly, setting up an alias is located in ?Account Aliases.?

How do I change the color associated with a specific email account?

To change the color associated with an email account, select an account from the settings menu. Tap on ?Account Credentials? and select the color of your choice. The color you select will be reflected in the side tray as well as on individual emails from this account for easy recognition. A custom color can also be selected for the ?All Accounts? tab in the side tray.

How do I edit my user tile?

Simply tap the settings gears in the corner of the user tile to change the name of the user, edit the user icon, edit the background image/color, and change your passcode options. Make sure to tap the save button to retain your changes.

How do I remove sounds when an email is sent/received?

From the settings menu within the app, tap ?All Accounts? and then ?Account Preferences? and check/uncheck the box that says ?Play New Email and Sending Sounds.? Additionally, from your device settings under the Notifications section, you can adjust push notification sounds and options.


How do I compose a new email?

From any inbox view, tap the compose email icon (the colored image of a pencil and paper), just under the main header for iPad, or the bottom right corner on iPhone. This will open a new message for editing. To delete the draft or save it to your Drafts folder, tap on the ?cancel? button in the top left of the compose screen.

How do I reply or forward an email?

On iPad, after opening an email full screen, tap one of the three arrows at the top of the screen to reply (single arrow pointing to the left), reply all (two arrows pointed to the left), or forward (single arrow pointing to the right). The iPhone shows only one arrow, which when tapped, expands to show reply, reply all, and forward.

How do I receive new emails?

If you have enabled push notifications, you will receive push notifications approximately every five minutes, or sooner, if there are new messages waiting for you. To manually refresh your inbox, simply pull to refresh from the inbox view.

Does MailDeck let me choose how I view my inbox?

MailDeck offers three versatile viewing modes on iPad: List, Preview, and Decks. Scroll your inbox with the standard “List” view, effortlessly slide through messages one-by-one with ?Preview,? or view cards that show collections of email threads with ?Decks.? On iPhone, there are two view modes: Decks and a condensed List.

Can MailDeck play media and audio files?

Yes. MailDeck can open and play most media files.

How do I set my default ?from? account?

To select a default account, simply go into your ?Account Preferences? within settings, and check-mark the box that says ?Make this your default account.? Note: Only one account can be selected as the default account.

How do I setup new folders? Can I move frequently used folders to the main folder list?

MailDeck allows you to create new folders within the settings tab. Click on the email account that you wish to create a folder for and select ?Folders? from the menu. Here you can delete current folders and add new folders and subfolders. To make a frequently used sub-folder appear in the main list of folders, simply tap the heart on the folder from your inbox (on iPad) or the main folder list in the side tray (on iPhone).

I created a task but I can?t find it. Where did it go?

From the side tray, tap on ?Tasks? to view all your created tasks. Tasks can also be created, edited, deleted, and marked as complete from this screen. To complete a task, checkmark the empty box in the header of the task. Editing a task can be accomplished by tapping the ?i? (be sure to save your edits). Also, if a task has a due date in the near future, it will show up in the Notification tab (iPad only).

Do deleted emails get archived or are they permanently deleted?

When you delete an email within any of the inbox views, the deleted email will go to the Trash folder. That way if you accidentally deleted an email, you will be able to retrieve the email and move it back to your inbox. However, if you delete an email from the Trash folder, the email will be permanently deleted. If you wish to archive an email, tap the archive button (the folder with an arrow pointing down).

What does archiving an email do?

If you are using a Gmail account and you archive an email, it will remove the email from the inbox, but it will leave the email in your ?all mail? folder. When archiving with other accounts, the email will be moved to the Archive folder.

How can I delete a message or create a task from the ?List? view?

By swiping an email to the left in the “List” view on iPad, you will expose the trash, create task, conversation, and archive icons. This feature is only available in the “List” view mode. Other view modes contain icons for ?Trash,? ?Create Task,? ?Conversation,? and “Archive” to complete an action. On the iPhone, swiping the message left will expose ?Archive? and ?Trash,? while swiping to the right will expose ?Read? and ?Create Task.? This is available in both views on iPhone.

Can I delete, move, or take other actions on more than one message at a time?

You betcha. This is one of the many useful features of MailDeck. While in your inbox, tap the ?batch edit? icon in the top-right corner of the screen for iPad, or in the footer for iPhone. Additionally, on iPhone, if you tap and hold a message, you will go into the batch edit mode. Once you select all the emails for which you would like to perform a specific action, you will be prompted with several options including ?Move to,? ?Mark as,? or delete. Select the required action, click done, and voilà!

How do I search for an email?

To begin a search, tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the app. From here, select one of the 11 unique search filters and enter your relevant search criteria. Too many results? Simply tap the plus sign to add multiple filters and expand or narrow your search by toggling filters on/off using the check mark to the left of a filter until you find that long-lost email.

Can I sort my emails?

Yes! On iPad, MailDeck offers five sorting categories within your inbox including: Sort by date, sender, read, starred, and if the email contains an attachment. On iPhone, you can sort by: unread, starred, and if the email contains an attachment.

Why aren?t push notifications working?

There are a few possible reasons. First, make sure that push notifications are enabled within MailDeck. To do this, go into the settings screen, tap on an account and select ?Account Preferences.? Make sure that the toggle switch next to ?Push Notifications? is turned on.

If you have enabled push notifications in MailDeck and your are still not receiving notifications, check to make sure push notifications are enabled in your iPad settings under ?Notification Center.?

Alternatively, you may have received an email from your email account provider (e.g. Gmail) notifying you of a suspicious sign-in attempt. If this occurs, please follow the procedures outlined in the message you receive to ensure MailDeck?s push servers are not blocked access to your account. After checking the items above, if you still are not receiving push notifications, please email us at [email protected]

How do I import my Apple contacts into MailDeck?

Upon setting up your first email account, tap Contacts from the sidebar and you will be prompted for permission to access your contacts. Allowing MailDeck to access your contacts will automatically sync your contacts for use within the app. We do not compile this information or use this information in any way; it simply gives you quick access to the contact information you already have saved on your device.

If you previously denied MailDeck access to your contacts and have had a change of heart, tap on the ?Privacy? tab within your device Settings, select ?Contacts,? and toggle the MailDeck switch on.

When I try to delete an email, I am getting an error message. What do I do?

There are a few possible reasons that an email will not delete. First, please check to make sure that you have entered the correct email address and password for the account you are trying to delete an email with. Assuming you have the correct email and password, the most likely reason is because the folder mapping is setup incorrectly. To make sure your trash folder is mapped correctly, go into your settings, select an email account, and tap the ?Folders? option. Within the ?Folders? screen, select folder mapping and make sure that ?Trash? is correctly mapped to the trash folder. Another likely reason for emails not deleting is that your email account is setup in a foreign language. Currently MailDeck is not localized, so you will have to change the folder mapping of your account to English folder names.

How do I add custom signatures?

After purchasing the subscription, go into your settings and select the email account you would like to create a signature for. Once you have selected an account, tap ?Account Preferences? and select ?Signatures.? Now just add a signature name and your custom signature. To setup signatures on another account, simply select the account and follow the same steps. When composing an email, select ?tap signature to change? in order to choose a signature.

I bought the subscription, but I am still seeing ads. Why is this happening?

If you have purchased the subscription to remove ads and you are still seeing ads or you are unable to add signatures or an Exchange account, please close out of the app (double tap the home button and close the app) and restart the app. If this does not fix the problem, restore your purchase from the ?Upgrade? option within settings. If you are still encountering issues, please contact us at feedback (at)


How do I create a passcode for my user account?

When you are on the user account sign on screen, tap the settings gears in the corner of the user tile to access the tile settings. To enable passcode protection for your user account, toggle the ?Passcode? feature on and select a four-digit passcode. After confirming the passcode, select the timeout preference that suits your needs (logout immediately, after one minute, 10 minutes, or one hour) and hit the save button.

When I leave the app and open it again, why am I prompted to enter my password?

MailDeck allows you to select a timeout period for your account. The timeout options available include: On logout, instantly, 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 1 hour. To select the timout period, tap the settings gears on your User tile and select your option from the ?Request Passcode After? section.

I can?t remember my passcode. What do I do?

We offered the option of creating a passcode to ensure unauthorized individuals cannot access your email accounts. Unfortunately, as we do not track or store your passcode anywhere on our servers, that also means that MailDeck is unable to recover your passcode. Please be mindful of this when selecting your passcode. The alternative is to try all 10,000 possible combinations, although we highly recommend you choose a passcode that you will remember.